Thursday, May 16, 2013

it's the principle

What is God?

(yes, I'm going there)

God is a word. Words are symbols. They point at something.

The word God points at something that creates. Creates everything. Creates itself.

God is the creator and the creation.

But God is just a name, a name for the nameless. And really, what's in a name?

The nameless is that from which you come from. Your "father" so to speak.

Call it what you want. It's the principle.

It's the idea of something that is the source of everything. The source of even your thoughts and actions. It's a shame we are not always tuned in. We don't always hear what we are trying to tell ourselves. What kind of messages could be hidden in our dreams? By breakfast time, many of our dreams have been forgotten. What could our spirits be trying to tell us? We can't hear the voice of wisdom because our minds are so cluttered with thoughts.

If we could just quiet our minds, and love each other, and realize that we are all believers of the same "principle", even the non-believers (they just believe they don't believe, but they really do... you can't deny the truth that we all came from something that we can't put a name on), the world would really be the world that was intended upon creation.

It would be perfect. Human beings would love our planet and we would not hurt or destroy it.

Come on people, get it together! It's the PRINCIPLE!!

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