Monday, May 27, 2013

To be a kid again

When you look at a child do you see the joy in his heart? Have you noticed the wonder in their eyes? Does it make you want to go back? Do you ever wish you could be a child again?

What if you could? Well not physically, but what if you could go back in your heart and see life like a child sees it? What would that be like? I think it would be heaven on earth.

Think about it. A child's mind and heart are open. Vulnerable. Perfect soil for the seeds of joy to bloom in. A child knows who he is. A child is unconditional and not judgmental. A child needs nothing more than to exist in this very moment, completely aware of the joy in his experience.

So, why don't we do that? Why don't we learn from the children, and look at life with curiosity again? Why don't we drop those expectations, and start looking at everything with fascination and admiration. Why don't we get excited and surprised by the gift we keep on getting: the Present. Why don't we remember in our hearts, what it feels like to be a kid, and hold on to that feeling?

How can we bring back that inner child? What if he has been hiding for a long time? He may have fallen asleep... time to wake him up!

Do things throughout the day that make you feel like a kid. Spin in your chair at the office once or twice. Skip to your car after work. Dance when you get good news. Make up songs in the shower. Do things that make you smile. Do things that excite you. Do things that make you feel YOUNG and alive!

After all, who really wants to grow old anyway?


  1. Love the post......and I feel young at heart!!!!!! always have always will!!!!

  2. Yes I do want to feel like a kid again!

    1. So do it Garry! Let go of the rigid "grown up" and be the free and ever expressive and creative child you once were. Thanks for becoming a reader, hope you enjoy future posts!