Wednesday, May 22, 2013

What's the Purpose?

Purpose. Let's talk about Purpose.

I think the question we all try to answer is "what is the purpose of life?" at some point or another. But what if the question is not what is the purpose of life, but what is the purpose of my life?

I think we were all put here for a reason. I don't think there is anything random about life.

We all have gifts, special talents, abilities which we should use, and share with the world. Developing our talents, practicing our abilities, mastering our gifts will allow us to lead a life of fulfillment, of joy, of pure bliss.

Doesn't that sound amazing?

Problem is that sometimes we don't know what we're good at. Sometimes we wonder if we even have a talent. I know because I thought that.

Sometimes we know what we are good at, and we love it. But we find ourselves too busy being busy. We get caught up in life's little hamster wheels. We give up our purpose for someone else's.

And sometimes, just sometimes, we take our strengths, and run with them. We run and run and run. We don't look back. We just go.

All you need is faith. Faith in your creativity. Faith in you!

You don't need to know where you're going. You just need to know you are on your way.

How do you know you are going the right way? Happiness is your gauge. Trust yourself.


  1. Word! This is an easy place to find oneself in. ALWAYS a timely reminder.

    It almost feels like our purpose filled choices are swords that we can wield about our lives...or set down because of the weight of responsibility. And I'm talking violence...because sometimes it feels like a fight!

    Keep writing & sharing Paola!

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting Veron! This feedback is what keeps me motivated to keep writing!! Keep it coming, and share the posts that resonate most with you with your friends and followers!

      Much love.

  2. What can I say Paola, every time I read your blog is a perfect reflection, connection, and most of all I look forward to your next topic, whether is about Life, Wisdom or Purpose.

    I also like that your writings are short and with a lot of Passion, courage and from your soul.

    Thank you for sharing and look forward to your next topic