Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Get it together!

Ever wonder what it means to "have it all together"?

I just found out what it means exactly:

I read that we are "a Triune Being made up of body, mind, and spirit" and we "often make decisions and choices at all three levels simultaneously - and they by no means always coincide."

It makes perfect sense.

If you create a balance between your body, mind, and spirit, you will have harmony. If every decision you make on every level is in harmony, life will be good, and you will "have it all together!"

So how do you do that? How to you get your body, mind and spirit aligned? I'm going to guess you start with your spirit... you listen to your heart. If your body is not where your heart is, you may experience physical pain and illness, probably created by your mind!

I'm not really sure how to do it. All I know is that I have to do it.

I know one thing: my heart is full of joy when I write. My body, my fingers are in tune with my heart now. My mind is being helpful by correcting grammar and spelling errors right away! My mind and my body are just two practical aspects of who I am. When the body and the mind are the expressions of your heart, they act out of love and they create beautiful moments.

If you allow your mind or your body to be the driving force behind the choices that you make, you will create chaos. It is very easy to let the ego we created when we started realizing that "these are our hands and these are our feet" to convince the mind that you are it, and that it is you. If the ego takes over, your decisions might be based out of fear. Fear that you will discover that you are not your ego and in turn, fear of it's very death.

So how do I get it all together? Simple. I remove everything that is not me (the ego), and bring together everything that is. Bring it all to stillness and then just be.


  1. Paola, thank you for sharing your thoughts on this and I can tell you right away that in my personal experience, the ego is probably the biggest obstacle one has to overcome. It's such a subtle enemy that it takes discipline to keep it in check! Many say they don't have an ego but they may not even realize they have one. I agree with your approach to life, starting with the spirit, listening to your heart, and your decisions and actions will follow.

    1. Thanks Lefer for reading and commenting! Yes, many people won't admit it, but we all have egos... I will be blogging on the ego soon... Stay tuned!!

  2. Dear Paola,
    Thank you so much for your amazing words......I will do my best to 'GET IT TOGETHER'.
    i lOVE IT....:O)

    1. Yes, always do your best, in all that you do!!