Wednesday, May 8, 2013

that little light of mine... I'm gonna let it BURN!!

The fire inside me will be inextinguishable.

This "article" as they call it in the blog world, will be a continuation of the only article I posted last year, titled "the time of your life". It's interesting, you see, because not only is it the only thing I posted in 2012, it is also my most viewed post of all time, by almost double the views as the first runner up!

That is the reason I read the article in the first place. I wanted to see what was so different about this particular blog post.

It was about here and now. Literally.

It's curious because this was the topic in my transformational class today. Be. Here. Now.

So here I am. Here and now. Where do I go from here? Or should I just stay here?

I think the answer is here... and now. Always.

Now that I am here, I can do the things I want to do, that will get me what I want to have.

It's brilliant! It's the be-do-have paradigm. Knowing and remembering this is key in life.

The problem is most people have it backwards. So many people think that when they HAVE something (money, time, fame) then they can do the things they want to do (buy a big house, go on vacation, act in a movie), and then they will BE happy (rich, successful).

You have to BE (what you want) HERE and NOW. Then you can do and have what you want. You will attract it. "Act as if" or "fake it till you make it", as they say.

If you want to be happy then BE happy!

It really is that simple. So simple that we forget about it and sometimes even don't believe it.

So what am I doing here and now? I am doing all in my conscious power to fill myself up with desire and passion. I'm following my heart. I'm igniting my fire! I'm gonna let it burn!!

I am being me. I am becoming a more evolved me. I am creating awesomeness.

Be here and now. Be you. Be the awesome person you were born to be. Just be.

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