Thursday, April 9, 2009

the art of manifestation

it really is an art, you see... it is an expression of will...

it is true when they say that if you can see it... if your mind can conceive it... then it can achieve it.... and it will... as long as you never lose sight of it...

but you must have a creative mind... you must be able to see things how they are not... you must be able to see things in the way you want them to be... you must be able to feel things in seeing your desires... and when you can feel these things and see your dreams become real... your mind will begin to map out the route it must take to bring what you see and feel into the now... so that it can be real... and you can live it

such beautiful gifts God has given us... the idea of time... of past, present, and future... how great is it that we can live in the now, remember the past, and plan the future...

thank you, God!! for this miracle of life... that i may have this human experience for as long as You will, and one person at a time, help You change the world... thank you for this day, that You have made.

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  1. "Everyone is creating everything now being experienced. . . for I (GOD) am everyone. . . . There is only one of us."