Sunday, April 19, 2009

live your destiny

can you imagine living a life with out inner peace and with constant struggle?

why does that happen?

i believe we have a destiny... a purpose to fulfill... when you are on the path that leads to destiny, it brings a sense of calm and peace to your life... when you feel happy and secure in your surroundings... like you are where you are supposed to be... then you know you are doing things right...

it's not all about your feelings... although they are a big part... it's also your thoughts... what do you think about what you are doing? what do you think about where you are?

all good things come from God... feelings are good because they are a sense... they tell us that we are alive... and thoughts, well... they tell us that we exist... He who gave us existence, also gave us awareness of our existence... what a gift! and because of this existance, we are able to experience life... and life is beautiful...

so if what you feel, what you think, and what you experience come from God... then feelings of happiness and love are just God communicating that we are on the right path... that we are living our destiny... feelings of struggle and despair just tell you that you've missed... you've made a few wrong turns...

thankfully, we can use all of these things as a GPS... we can find our way back to the path for our true destiny by listening to our hearts... and using our experiences as tools...

the best part about all of this... is that it's never too late... everyday is a new beginning... another chance to change your life and change the world... what a miracle!


  1. Yes yes yes, everyday is a new beginning.

    Happy People DO LIFE in CHRIST!!!!

  2. The multitude all have a purpose. -tao te ching

    Your words humble me. Gratitude is all I can offer...

  3. why would you want to imagine a life without inner peace and constant struggle?

    -all good things come from God
    God is not the creator and we are not the created.
    We are the creators, and we created God as an idea, as an entity so we could feel safe.

    He didn't give us existence, existence exploded outward infinitely.
    there is no right and wrong path
    feelings of happiness and love are higher frequencies than struggle and despair. That is why you fall into a deep sadness and happiness is mostly shallow.

    No wrong turns either. Just learning opportunities.

    No need for GPS either. If you are always here and now, there is nowhere else you need to go.

    It is not in the deciding to change, it is in the deciding to accept change.-me

    this is all true, according to what I have experienced.
    I am not denying you of your Truth.

  4. woah there jj!! first of all, i would not want to imagine a life without inner peace and constant struggle...but you cannot deny that lives like that exist in this world...look around you...

    ok.... whoo...

    we are creators, yes... but only of our circumstances... God created US...

    God did not "give" US existence, He is experiencing Himself THROUGH US.. and about an outward and indefinite explosion... yes.. from the nothing came the everything... that was God manifesting Godself and experiencing Godself.

    no "learning opportunities" just moments of rememberance... remembering who you really are,and where you come from...

    and the fact of the matter is... that you are NOT always here and now... a GPS can help you come back to here and now, where you are supposed to be...

    about deciding to change and to accept change... you really do both... because change is constant...

    and about the Truth, well... we should talk about that...

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  6. okay... RULE #6!!!! NOW...HUAHUAHUHAHUAH!!!!

  7. "God created US" This statement says God is separate from us.
    We are God, as a whole, not individually.
    now if we say God, Love, Life, Consciousness, The All is continuously manifesting itself with us and through us, because it is us, that is different. We are the same. To say He created us gives him the power of creation and not us.

    I was saying learning opportunities, not wrong turns, but now no learning opportunities either? If there is only moments of remembrance, and we are just remembering who we are, then we are stuck in the past and our past conditions. We can't be here and now while we are remembering or thinking about the future.

    We cannot ever think and be in the now at the same time. Thinking is always attached to how something was or how something could one day be.

    Change is constant, I know. To accept change is to be the change, it is accepting that you are always changing.

  8. words are so easily misinterpreted... let's talk when you get here... love u bro