Thursday, March 19, 2009

taking a leap of faith

people are always talking about taking risks in life... it's so easy to stay in your "comfort zone" and much harder to "step out of the box"... but i am determined to do that... i know it won't be easy... but it sure will be worth it...

i understand the concept of sacrifice... and i know that sometimes we need to experience short term pains for long term gains... what is the hardest part is having confidence in succeeding... there is always (sometimes more than others) a fear of failure... that's normal, right?

but failing is better than not trying... and the more i fail, the bigger the chances of success... as long as i keep getting up... nothing will hold me down...

i have faith and truly believe that something good is coming for me... i just have to do my part... i cannot continue to "play it safe"... when opportunities come, i must be prepared and know to recognize them...

i am ready for change... ready to follow my path with faith and without fear...

i will never ever give up... if failure is not an option... success in inevitable


  1. I can tell you truly have a heart for God and His plan for your life. Success is inevitable. God is able to communicate His plans and desires to you.

    May the Lord's blessings and wisdom overflow in your life.

  2. fear of failure is normal, but not natural.