Tuesday, March 3, 2009

time to be still

for the past couple of days, i have been trying to fight a cold... it's been a few years since i got sick... so i'm a little discouraged... but it has helped me to realize that it is time for a break... and rest and just be still...

at first i was upset that i had a tickle in my throat... and as it progressed, i realized it was just my body's way of demanding rest... i have been working waaaaayyy too much... so not only is my body in need of rest, my soul is in need of silent peace and oneness with God... i have been so consumed by trying to make ends meet, that it's almost like God has been sitting in my back seat... and every now and then, i turn around to say... "what do you think, God? am I going the right way?"

and now... being forced to slow down... i am telling God that i want Him in the front seat as my co-pilot... leading the way and guiding me into my destiny... letting me know which way to go, instead of finding out later that i made a wrong turn when i finally decide to ask... He has the map and i have to trust in Him... i can only get myself to the next moment in time... only He can get me to my true destiny... and He will only show me the way, if i sit still and listen........


  1. listening to the silence is the key for opening the door of possibilities...

  2. Hey Paola, thanks for visiting my blog :) looks like we were both feeling this being still thing as HARD as it is!!? loved when u said "i can only get myself to the next moment..He can get me to my true destiny" :) amen to that! -L

  3. Hey Pollis, I hope you feel better by now. I love what you mention about God being your co-pilot... sometimes we forget who really is in control!