Wednesday, February 25, 2009

stayin' alive

our physical bodies are so wonderfully perfect in the way they were made to function... they maintain themselves simply by keeping an almost perfect balance in certain fluids and natural chemicals that it itself produces... all we have to do to keep our bodies alive and healthy is nourish ourselves with food and water... exercise our muscles... and breathe fresh clean air... that's pretty simple, right?

but our souls... now... our souls take work... keeping your soul alive is not so physical... it longs for things that may seem simple enough, but in reality, so many people struggle with feeling alive... part of me wants to say that "all you need is love"... not just the romantic love that a man and a woman may feel for each other... we need that deeper love... the unselfish, unending, unconditional love... but in addition to love... we need hope and faith... all three must never cease... and when there is a deficiency in one... the others are there to bring it back to abundance... when you feel you have lost love... and faith... hope is there...

where there is hope, there is faith... where there is faith, there is love... where there is love, there is God... where there is God, there is no need... and your soul is alive...


  1. I like this one.
    It is the Natural tendency for the physical body to go towards health. It is the Natural tendency for the psychological mind to go towards health. And It is the Natural tendency for the Spirit and Soul to go towards Mastery.

  2. This is good stuff! Love that last statement...that's the truth!