Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Traveling Spirit

The spirit has a different feel to it, when it's traveling, doesn't it?

It's a light feeling, a free one.

The feel of exploration and curiosity. That expansive feeling knowing every step that you take is into the unknown, the unexplored, the un-manifested... well, by you anyway.

I love that feeling.

As I grow, I am learning that life is travel. Life is not about the destination, it's the journey. Life is not about the person you are going to become, it's about becoming the person you want to be.

Where will your path lead you?

Who do we really want to be? I believe we can only desire to be free to be ourselves.

It's so easy to do that when you are in the unknown, once you let go of the fear. It's easier when you travel because you are surrounded by people who don't know you, who have not judged you, who are probably curious about you. It's easy to make friends, people love to connect.

Why can't we feel so free all the time? Why can't we be curious and excited about all of life?

I think it goes back to being a kid again. Looking at everything like it's a brand new experience and with such wonder. Learning something new everyday.

Life is a journey. It's up to you whether you want to live it like you are on vacation, or like you are on a mission. I prefer to live like I'm on a mission; to live life with intention. Living life with a purpose gives you a feeling of great joy, it fills you up with energy, it motivates and inspires you.

My spirit is exploring, it's discovering, it's loving life. My spirit is forever traveling. Forever traveling in the present moment, in timeless travels, learning, growing, evolving, discovering, exploring.

So where is your journey leading? Where are your life travels taking you? What have you learned along the way that you could pass along and teach to someone whose life path crosses yours?

Life is awesome. Let's see where it takes us tomorrow! Bon Voyage!

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  1. Bon Voyage!!!!

    My journey continues..... to be Free from time and place.

    Love your post