Friday, August 9, 2013

Journey Through the Nervous Mind

What exactly goes through our minds when we are nervous? Why does our mind take over and stress us out? I mean, that's what it does, right?

The mind has the power to make you believe whatever it wants. That is some power!

The mind can create a reality for you to experience, and it can tell you whether it's a good one, or a bad one. Sometimes, when you think it's a bad one, you start to act differently. Your breathing changes and your face starts to feel heavy. You can't smile.

I witnessed a nervous mind today. It was the mind of a young lady. It was written all over her face. She was uncomfortable.

It was my job to coach her; to tell her the words she needed to hear to break away from the fearful control her mind had of her at the moment. I could see from her eyes gazing out into space, with no expression on her face, that she was far, far away from the reality I was experiencing.

I asked her what she was thinking about that kept her from experiencing what was really happening. I told her that if she forgot about all the things that were running through her mind, and just brought herself to where her physical body was, that she could experience truth and thus joy and inner peace.

Those weren't my exact words, but you get the picture.

I can't tell you how amazing it was to watch a smile start to peek out. She started to realize that she had control over what she was experiencing. Her face changed!

It's incredible how saying the right words to someone can totally alter their reality, in any way; positively or negatively.

Think about the words you have been using lately with the people around you. Are they loving words? Are they empowering words? Are they encouraging and inspiring?

Now that you know you that you have the power to change someone's reality, whose life are you going to change, and how?

Words are powerful.. Remember that.

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