Monday, April 1, 2013

whatever your heart desires

What do you really want? What is your heart's deepest desire?

These are questions I have recently asked myself, and when I try to think of the answer, I can only come up with another question.

How do I know what my heart's desire is?

I'm learning, little by little, that to know your heart, you have to quiet your mind. Your mind is quick to pass judgements and make assumptions. Sometimes your heart is too soft and sensitive to your mind's opinions, that it may just numb itself. I think that's what happened to me.

I let my mind give me all my guidance, or at least lead me to it. I let my mind make all the decisions. I allowed myself to believe that life was all about the hustle. Work, work, work for a better future. Future? There is no such thing!! Maybe in my next life. But in this life, it's only the present. I don't want to spend my whole life planning for a future that will never come. I need to start living life now!

I realized that I was out of balance. I didn't "have it all together", as much as I thought I did. My mind and body may have someone been aligned with each other, but my spirit longed for something so different.

I started listening to my heart. I started writing again, to see what my heart would say. My heart wants to be free. Free to feel, free to love, free to explore, free to create, free to simply be. My heart seeks truth, it seeks wisdom. It seeks to be forever present in the eternal moment of now.

I have learned that to fulfill your heart's desire, you must learn to let go, and just be the creative being you were designed to be, and not let your mind convince you otherwise.

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